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Care Advisor
Care Advisor

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Feedback from my clients

Care Advisor

“Sally is who you need in your life! She is the go-to guru on anything you need help with when it comes to looking after loved ones in need of care. She knows the who, what, why, when and where of care.

When people come to me in need of help and support and don’t know where to turn, she will help you to find the answers. I can’t recommend her highly enough, both professionally and personally.”

Claire Magerison,

Care Advisor

“You are a star Sally and I can’t thank you enough for your help!”

For nearly a year, we struggled through mud trying to do the best for our dad (who has dementia) with sporadic help, but nothing joined up until that ‘final’ crisis day when I called up Sally’s help.

Lucky for us, she was available and was able to be clear and precise as to what help we needed from dad’s statutory social worker. Instead of my usual wobbly ‘, I don’t know what’s best for dad,’ I was able to say I need ‘this’ help, to which suddenly everything around us flowed. Sally not only advised but helped practically by visiting potential emergency care homes, paving the way and setting up meetings. Such that within a matter of just hours dad was safe and in a perfect environment for him. She even came and sat with us having a cuppa whilst dad settled in a bit.

Now, two months later, his health has stabilised and he is making great progress instead of the devastating spiral he was on previously. It has taken a while for me to breathe out, but again, Sally has been incredibly supportive and encouraging to me as a carer. Sally keeps looking out for useful ideas and hints and tips that are specific to my dad and I love that wealth of knowledge, ideas and continuing interest. Sally has been so helpful and kind. I feel listened to and that I’m now doing the best I can.

My sister and I had no hesitation paying for Sally’s services because they were priceless for what we received and a game changer for us. I wish we had enlisted her help sooner because although there are bits of help out there no one really looked at our situation and said these are the options.”

Thanks for rolling your sleeves up and making a wonderful difference to our family. I can be more of a daughter again instead of an over-worked carer.

Thank you, C

Care Advisor

“We have known Sally for several years. She is so easy to talk to, calm, approachable, organised and incredibly knowledgeable. We feel very much at ease with Sally as no matter what is happening she is able to walk in and enable us to take control of a situation.

Sally handles people gently and treats everyone with dignity. She delivers the service you need with a calm quietness that makes you feel safe.

Sally made us feel in charge of our own lives and gave us the tools to be able to take back situations that were becoming out of our control and empowered us to be in control again. We do highly recommend Sally as an Independent Social Worker or her knowledge and her calm, caring and positive attitude to her profession and especially to her clients.”


Care Advisor

“Sally was my Practice Educator during the final year of my Social Work Degree course. Sally’s knowledge and guidance led to a very successful placement. ‘Follow your intuition, as long as it’s backed up with knowledge and kindness,’ the wisest words she ever said to me. Sally advocated for me on many occasions to ensure I gained experience and knowledge required to help build my career as a Social Worker. Sally, you inspired me to be the Social Worker I am today.”

Amanda Baskeyfield

Care Advisor

“We always found Sally to be friendly, thoughtful and understanding in offering advice and suggestions giving an honest unbiased opinion as we battled to find the right care and support for mum.”


Care Advisor

“My name is James.

Sally supports me to work in a Cafe.

Sally is funny.

She is a hard worker.

Sally makes me feel safe.

I like Sally.”

Testimonial from James

Care Advisor

“Sally was enormously helpful when we needed advice and support in working out how best to navigate the complex provision and finances of the care system for our dear mum.

That she gave us expert advice, based on her social services background, was extremely reassuring, especially when minds don’t always function as required when under pressure. We recommend Sally unreservedly.”

28 March 2019

Care Advisor

“Received some wonderful advice from Sally last week regarding both my parents who have dementia. She was great to talk to and provided a plethora of useful tips, which she then followed up with by email. Made me feel so much better just being able to talk to someone who understands. Thank you. I would highly recommend Sally’s services.”

June 2020

Care Advisor

“Thank you so much Sally. It was very good to meet you and I came away with a number of useful pointers. I’ll be honest, it has given me a much needed boost!

Also, I’d like to thank you for the speed with which you’ve managed to give me an introduction to Attwood Solicitors. Perfect, thank you.

I hope to be in touch again in the near future.”

March 2020

Care Advisor

“Thank you so much for your help this week and last, it really has made a difference to my mindset.

I think if I have any more breakdowns, I feel secure to know I can reach out in stead of making things harder for myself. Thank you so much x”

May 2020

Care Advisor

“I’ve been meaning to email, so I’ll do it now while I’m spurred.

The meeting was really good and we should have called you sooner. 

Your report has provided my dad, in particular, with some much-needed external validation, and highlighted or confirmed some other issues which we need to deal with. 

That you included the need for overnight support, to relive my dad, was a highlight for me (I have used that to push my dad on the matter, and it turned out he didn’t even need pushing).

While I don’t think we need your support much at the moment I would wholeheartedly recommend your service to anyone in a similar situation and we’d be happy to offer testimonial. 

I’m sure we’ll be in touch again though, to procure the benefit of your experience.”


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